Breathing as Medicine

Breathing is so natural and obvious for us, that we even don’t think about it. It keeps us moving through our daily life, through all (un)pleasant stuff, wether we like it or not.
Did you notice the change of your breath in different situations?
For example, while looking at running water or visiting your dentist? During playing with children or just at the beginning of your presentation?

Did you know that you can influence the state of your being during anxiety or stress just with simple breathing exercises?

The correct breathing technique can improve our performance in sports and other activities, keep us warm in the freezing winter days, help us to relax, influence a heart coherence and help us to clear our mind. It can even help us to burn excess fat.

Learn the basics of a healthy natural breathing and bring a more relaxed state of being into your daily life.

About the teacher

Your teacher is Vladyslava Lysynenko.
Inspired by the beauty of Swedish nature, she reached Sollerön, where she stays at least this winter.

Vlada has guided workshops in the Netherlands for 10 years. Her holistic approach is based on different dimensions of human being. Bodywork, including breathwork and movement as well as all-round creativity are anchors for the transformational journey of participants.

Breath as Medicine is an important element of every workshop, coaching, ceremony or retreat of VladaVibes and is also available as a full training.

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Breathing as Medicine- the full training, 8 weeks

start v3, 21 januari

Friday kl. 18.30-20.30

Meetings: 8 times

Teacher: Vladyslava Lysynenko

Price: 1900 kr

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The full training Breath as Medicine is based on the 'Method of Better Breathing'. The founder, Marleen van den Hout, is known in the Netherlands as 'the Breathing Queen'. For years she studied many breathing techniques and created something great, that helped already a lot and a lot of people.

The teacher, Vladyslava Lysynenko, has also deepened in different breathing systems and had her first breathing practice at the age of 15. Her younger brother had a lot of health troubles due to asthma. So, their mother followed the training course by Buteyko (a famous breathing teacher) and involved both her children into the exercises.

The benefits were visible not only in the reduction of asthmatic attacs, but also in the strengthening of their immune system.

Some highlights of this method

Usually right after the session:

  • Relaxation and rest
  • Clear head and a better ability to think and create
  • 'Flow through' in your body
  • Insights, answers to the pre-asked questions, etc.

Long term:

You live according to your settled intention.

It can be:

  • Sleep better,
  • Feeling fitter and more powerful,
  • Breathe fully,
  • Learn to deal with stress-triggers and relax quickly,
  • Develop creativity and flow
  • Feeling more satisfaction and gratitude,
  • Ground better by learning to breathe from the pelvis, etc.